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Less Taxes. Less Government. More Freedom.

Term Limits

At the base of our political pyramid should lay a foundation of trust in our public officials. The offices we hold are meant to be servant positions for the interests of the public, not nesting beds of backroom dealings, corporate welfare, crony capitalism, and the conflicts of interest which arise therefrom.

Term Limit Legislation

In addition to signing a “Term Limit Pledge” upon taking office, Michael will introduce Term Limit Legislation. Likewise, Michael supports and promotes educating the public on an Article V Convention Of States to enact a Term Limits Amendment should Washington fail to listen to the people. The highest offices of our country are meant for service, not for the personal security of the officeholder.

Ending Political Corruption

Too often in recent years, we have seen these “career politicians” becoming wealthy off the pain and suffering of regular working Americans. Ownership therefore of shares in public companies by Congress is a moral hazard that we can no longer allow to stand.

Non-Compete Against America Act

Michael’s “Non-Compete Against America Act” would require 3 things:

  • Upon entry to office, all representatives and senators must divest ALL stock holdings into cash.
  • For a period of 3 years AFTER leaving office, no former member of the House or Senate may reinvest in the public markets (foreign or domestic).
  • The two above requirements apply to dependents and spouses of the US Congress and Senate.

Ending The FAILED “War On Drugs”

It is time that we as a country finally admit the “war on drugs” has been a failure. Treating a “mental health issue” as a “criminal justice issue” is not only a wholly inefficient use of limited law enforcement resources, it is also a policy that over the past 50+ years has simply not worked. The goal should be to reduce, and over time, eliminate the prosecution of nonviolent, victimless drug crimes while seeking to create a society that treats addiction at its root cause by medical professionals, not by police actions or criminal prosecutions.

Abolish The Controlled Substances Act

Local and state governments have very little liberty to decide and create their own drug policies so long as this federal law remains overhead as a constant looming threat of federal intervention at the hands of obsolete “scheduling”. Likewise, scientific research into a number of medicines that may prove ACTUAL CURES for our mental health epidemic is stifled. In summary, the act is obsolete, overly restrictive, and fails to allow for new science. It needs to go!

Refocus Roles HHS & DEA

We would be incredibly myopic to abolish the CSA and not backstop such action with smart reallocation of resources to “safe use and distribution sites” for the currently addicted. With a combined budget of nearly $135 Billion, we have enough resources via HHS and DEA to refocus the roles of these agencies toward this new vision.

Destroy The Revenue Streams Of Narco-Terrorism & Street Gangs

A comprehensive national drug policy that seeks to transition our nation’s addicts from the alleyways into the medical clinics, combined with an effort to “price out” Narco-Terrorists and street gang activity with “free supply and treat clinics”, will put all of these violent gangs out of business –  increasing safety for all Americans.

“A Commentary On Agriculture & Local Independence”

Medicines grown from the Earth should have no greater restrictions than any other agricultural crop. Let our farmers be farmers, our citizens be citizens, our state, county, and city leaders be leaders of those communities and make local policy and laws they deem so fit to serve their localities. As your Congressman, Michael will usher in a new era, a renewed era, whereby your rights to govern your mental health and well-being will have their centers of power relocated to your local community.

Southern Border & Immigration Reform

“America is a product, one that people want, one that people will pay for.” – Michael White

As a Libertarian Michael believes that people should be able to travel freely as long as they are peaceful, and as such he welcomes immigrants who come seeking a better life. The vast majority of immigrants are very peaceful and highly productive. The United States is a country of immigrants, of all backgrounds and walks of life…some families have just been here for more generations than others. Newcomers bring great vitality to our society.

Of course, if someone has a record of violence, credible plans for violence, or acts violently, then Michael supports blocking their entry, deporting, and/or prosecuting and imprisoning them, depending on the offense. Because of this, vetting and documentation measures are necessary parts of a fair, reasonable, and accessible immigration system.

Fair Immigration Reform should balance three truths
  1. Undocumented migrants are ripe for exploitation under the current black market system and as such represent a legitimate human rights crisis.
  2. Immigration should NOT be a cost to the American Taxpayer whatsoever- the demand for citizenship can FULLY fund our immigration and customs mechanisms necessary for vetting, enforcement and the like.
  3. Narco-Terrorism along our border cities are violent acts… an outright aggressive action against US Citizens and our security. Such actions violate Michael’s Libertarian “Non-Aggression Policy” and call for answered action on America’s part.
“Pay To Enter” And “Pay To Stay”

The average cost an undocumented migrant pays to be smuggled into this country runs between $5000.00 and $15000.00. This desperate act funds criminal enterprise, human trafficking, and Narco-Terrorism. We can eliminate this process and choke out the revenue streams that allow these human smugglers to flourish, all while promoting legal and safe immigration in a manner that promotes liberty and OVERLY funds our agencies.

  • Streamline Entry Processes and Procedures Using High Tech and Big Data
  • Charge an “Entry, Document & Fast Track” Fee
  • Redirect Primary Agency Focus To Revenue Support & Tracking
  • Implement a “Pay To Stay” monthly fee on the pathway to citizenship   
  • Streamline the process to citizenship to a 2-year plan with oversight funded wholly by revenues created at our borders and the “Pay to Stay” program.
    *These funds are to be appropriated to ICE and DHS only.

Considering by best estimates there may be upwards of 12 Million undocumented individuals in America, had this program been in place through recent history, our immigration agencies may have been funded upwards of $200+ billion at ZERO taxpayer expense. Given the annual budget for ICE is roughly $8 billion per year we can wholly fund the agency and others over and above current appropriations with these measures while increasing domestic security and growing the nation’s tax and labor base.

“Build a Wall...Around Welfare”

We create a moral hazard when we promote already burdened, unfunded, government programs to new potential citizens during their immigration process. It is not only easier and vastly cheaper to “Build a wall” around social welfare programs than it is to build a physical border wall, it also prevents any incentives other than wanting to work, start a family, and assimilate into America from the equation. Additionally, building legislative “walls” around these programs, as opposed to a physical border wall, does not require constant strain on the national budget for maintenance, upkeep, etc. – not to mention initial construction costs themselves.          

“A Commentary On Border Safety”

Republican and Democrat representatives fail to realize violence at our border regions is the result of SYSTEMIC issues. Playing “whack a mole” with every violent group or issue is a doomed policy. Narco-Terrorism, drug profiteering, and human/sex trafficking ALL contribute to the dangerous situation our border cities find themselves in. Only by universally tackling ALL of these issues simultaneously – as in by cutting off the profit streams to these terror organizations, and removing the incentives these terrorists rely upon, can we achieve the security Americans rightfully demand. Therefore, it is not solely our immigration policy that solves these issues, but it is in combination with drug policy and criminal justice reforms that will ultimately prove successful. Michael is the only candidate who appears to understand this, whilst also promoting a comprehensive platform that can actually achieve these results.

Strengthening Second Amendment Rights

The Constitution is clear. Firearm ownership is a sacred, individual right. The right to “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” is null without the ability to defend oneself or their family. Additionally, an armed and trained population is a key pillar of the National Defense of our Republic. Because of this, Michael is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment. Michael not only wishes to preserve it… he wishes to strengthen it.

National Constitutional Carry & Firearm Commerce Protection Law

Far too many states and municipalities have undermined the Constitution at every step they can by making it difficult, cumbersome, and in some cases impossible for their citizens to own and possess firearms. In Michael’s opinion, this is a grave constitutional violation, and the message sent should be clear. A National Constitutional Carry Law will re-enforce the Second Amendment, providing clear language on “shall issue” permit requirements and outline judicial recourse for citizens being denied their constitutional rights.

Repeal & Replace The NFA (National Firearms Act)

Murder and assault are already illegal in every square inch of this country. These are “umbrella laws” which encompass ALL violent crime, not just “gun crime”. Therefore, the NFA is outdated, bloated, gives far too much oversight to unelected officials, and essentially functions as nothing more than a tax collection system on the American public. It needs to be repealed and replaced with legislation strengthening the rights of individuals to own and possess a wide variety of firearms.

Criminal Justice Reform For A Safer America

Our criminal justice system fails to serve the public successfully for a number of reasons. They are:

1)  A great many things we consider to be crimes are not. The label of “crime”, and thus enforcement and prosecution, should be reserved to actions of damage, force, violence, or fraud/theft against another individual or group. When we eliminate “victimless crimes” such as possession of marijuana, we free up our law enforcement and court resources to prevent, solve, and prosecute crimes of violence and property.

2)  Our justice system currently sets up former inmates for failure. When someone is released from prison, the goal is for them to find a steady job, stable living situation, and avoid criminal activity. A penal system that exists to simply incarcerate and punish and does not actually attempt to be, or actually be, answerable to recidivism rates is doomed to failure.

3)  Most of our county and city jails are filled with poor people. Our bail system essentially allows those with resources to bond out of holding, while those, regardless of crime, but victims of their financial circumstances, are relegated to lock up awaiting trial. This is wholly inefficient and unjust. Our local jails should be utilized for holding the most violent and dangerous criminals while awaiting prosecution.

Ending the “War on Drugs”

Please see the sections above on eliminating revenue streams that fuel Narco-Terrorism and street gangs, as well as CSA (Controlled Substances Act) reform. We should as a society be willing to engage in this experiment. Moving addiction from the criminal justice arena into a public health emergency arena, with legalized, free, medically supervised distribution to addicts, will absolutely SOLVE this issue. We have a real opportunity to take the monetary causes of violent crime (i.e. drug profits) out of society, thus ending the VAST majority of it once and for all!

Federal Legislation On “For-Profit Prisons”

Michael normally supports private industry answering public problems, however, under the current system the “for-profit prison industry” has become perhaps the single largest moral hazard of all. If one cannot see the issue with victimless drug policies, supplying guaranteed profits, for contract incarceration companies, then one is not looking.

Michael will seek federal legislation limiting licensing for these institutions to a “recidivism reduction” measure. If the public is not being given reformed and well-functioning individuals out of these institutions, they should go out of business. Such a policy would create incentives for these corporations to be in cooperation with the public on reducing future crime, as opposed to profiting from increased current crime.

Repealing “Mandatory Sentencing”

A Number of state and local laws throughout our Republic mirror Federal laws and sentencing guidelines. Local judges, elected by local citizens, know best their populations, the concerns of them, and likewise should be given more discretion in their choices from the bench. When the Federal government imposes anything on local populations, it does so with a certain hubris. Local communities should have full autonomy over as many decisions as possible.

Bail Reform

Given that every local community has limited resources and limited local beds to house inmates awaiting trial, Michael seeks to enact legislation that utilizes those beds to house the most violent and dangerous criminals as opposed to a largely “pay to leave” or “don’t pay and stay” structure we see today. Given the rise of a number of technologies such as GPS tracking and the like, we can create a safer fairer system if we use our county and city jails for their intended purposes – to keep the public safe from the most dangerous of offenders as opposed to being holding centers of the poor and disenfranchised.

“Non-Violent Offender Releases”

With nearly two million people behind bars at any given time, the US has the distinction of holding the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. This does not align with being the “Land of the Free”. Spending close to $200 Billion per year on incarcerations, we as a society are wasting valuable resources while pursuing failed mechanisms. A full release of nonviolent, victimless offenders, is therefore long overdue. We can do better and WILL.

Comprehensive Tax & Government Spending Reform

We don’t have a revenue problem. We have a spending addiction, a “fraud, waste, and abuse” epidemic, a lack of oversight by our elected officials, and a federal debt load that if allowed to continue to grow threatens a significant currency crisis worldwide.

“Triple Blind” Forensic Audit Of ALL Federal Agencies

In 2017, a Michigan State University economist, found nearly $21 Trillion in unauthorized Department of Defense spending spanning a 17 year period. The answer to his shocking find? The DOD promised to “audit itself” – this is akin to grading one’s own homework – it doesn’t work. We are bound to find massive levels of waste at every level of government when we truly dig into it. For far too long the American people have been told by Democrats and Republicans, “we don’t have enough money.” Michael says, “before you tell another citizen such, we want to see the receipts!” As your Congressman, Michael’s “True Audit Act” will call for a “triple-blind” full forensic audit of ALL federal agency spending for the past two decades. We cannot fix our problems if we don’t know what we are working with!

Annual Raises of “Standard Deductions” & “Personal Exemptions” & “FICA Floor”

Annual raises of these amounts would cut taxes for everyone who pays them, and it would take the lowest-income Americans off the income tax rolls altogether. Furthermore, starting at the bottom with increased personal exemptions would spur economic demand. Additionally, a “FICA floor” (IE a “personal exemption” income amount below which FICA taxes aren’t collected) would allow Americans to keep and use more of their money now.

“Track Back To Prosperity Act” (A 10 year measured approach to a Balanced Budget Amendment)

A true goal is not just an aspiring statement. True goals have both the action and a deadline. Just as anything must be gradually changed to reduce systemic shock, so too must America be weaned off its addiction to the “borrow and spend” policies that threaten the very fabric of our Republic. Michael’s “Track Back To Prosperity Act” sets ten annual goalposts, and requires a legislative review of these on a “run rate” basis. Such a “run rate review policy” allows for incremental changes of financial policy if necessary and is flexible enough to allow room for allowances should unforeseen events or crises come to our shores. The end goal is within a decade to finally realize an Article V Convention Of States for a balanced federal budget amendment that spends within its means, is regularly independently audited to sniff out and prosecute abuse and waste and begins to actually service the national debt of our country.

Simplify the Tax Code

We can drastically reduce the size of the IRS (if not abolish it), simplify our terminology, and finally create a tax code that is fairer to the citizen and businesses while avoiding the constant hurdles and the legal minefield we place Americans in every filing season. A simpler tax code aligns itself with both liberty and equality.

Allow for IMMEDIATE deductions of capital losses

Should any American family lose large sums of money at the hands of bankers, politicians, and wall street recklessness, the ENTIRE amount of the loss should be allowed as an income deduction in the year in which it occurred – not just the “offsetting” of gains in the same year. As your Congressman, I will push to enact this change with vigor. When the US treasury itself is forced to answer with its bottom line when these asset bubbles pop, it dissuades and discourages the behaviors that cause them to form in the first place.

Two Year 0% Corporate Tax Rate For New Entities

For all new “S Corps” and “C Corps” a two-year 0% corporate tax rate with an income cap of $5M. Such would promote the creation of small businesses, especially minority-owned small businesses, that may have limited access to capital and a low appetite for risk. If we are as a country to truly believe “small business is the engine the of our economy” it is high time our tax code mirrors such beliefs.

“Paid Paternity Leave Tax Incentives”

A change to the US Tax Code and IRS Guidelines for employers which:

  • Waives Payroll Tax (Both the Employee and Employer Side) for up to 8 weeks.
  • Allow businesses to deduct 1.6x the payroll amount as an expense against gross incomes.
  • Lower Corporate or Pass-Through Tax Rates for Businesses Participating In The Program.

 Example: XYZ Corporation typically pays a 21% rate on corporate incomes. Last year they reported $100k dollars in NET profits and paid a corporate tax of $21,000. Their only employee, Kris, was given 8 weeks of paid paternity leave. While on leave XYZ corp. was not required to withhold or fund payroll taxes on Kris’ weekly checks. Kris did not have to use vacation time. Kris collected the same weekly check amounts as usual, however, XYZ corp. had an instant savings of 15.3% on this payroll amount. During the paid leave, XYZ Corp. paid out $8k to Kris yet gets to deduct against their gross income 1.6x that amount (-$12,800.00). The combined net savings to the company against the $8k in the salary paid was $6024.00. Meaning on a cash basis Kris’ paid leave only cost the company’s bottom line $1976.00! Additionally, because they show participation in the program their corporate rate was reduced to 18%! Saving an additional $3k to XYZ Corp. In Summary XYZ Corp. MADE money (Net After-Tax Income) by offering this leave to their employee for the welcoming of the new child Kris wished to take time away for! All of this was done WITHOUT government bloat or restrictive mandates on business!

“Affordable Child Care Through Tax Incentives”

A Change to the US Tax Code and IRS Guidelines for “Entities Licensed as Child Care Providers or the Like in their Respective State”, which:

  • Waives Income Taxes On The Entity.
  • Provides Specific Deduction Multipliers For Employees
  • Allows For Immediate Depreciation For Building Or Leasehold Improvements

On average such policies are estimated to reduce costs to parents by nearly 30-40% while also increasing the availability of care options, such as overnight and weekend care.

Comprehensive “Consumer-Driven” Healthcare Reform

Competition To Lower Overall Insurance Costs

Allow health insurance companies to compete across state lines while reducing the bars of entry for new insurers into the market. If we remove the moats and embargoes that protect insurance companies, we increase competition and drive premiums down.

“Group Formation” Reform

Allow any “group” of individuals or small businesses to form an insurance co-op for the sake of bargaining lower premiums. Employment relationship should no longer be the requirement or test for “group status”.

Expansion of Health Savings Accounts (HSA's)

Increase HSA “pre-tax paycheck deduction limits” for up to $12000.00 annually per individual and/or dependent and continue “in perpetuity” rollovers of these balances. Additionally, ELIMINATE the HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan) requirement for participation in HSA’s. Americans should not be discouraged from saving for their own healthcare costs, but rather encouraged to do so.

Example: A working college graduate, Age 22, who contributes $500 per month “as a pre-tax paycheck deduction” into an HSA, may have in 10 years’ time, built a nest egg of nearly $60,000.00 they can lean on for unseen healthcare events via their HSA Debit card at Medical, Dental, And Optical offices.

Reintroduce “Catastrophic Only” Plans

These very low costs, monthly plans, that cover large unseen medical expenses only (such as expensive surgeries, vehicular accidents, etc.) should be an option for all Americans, increasing choice and liberty over medical decisions for individuals and families. “One size fit all” solutions ignore nuance and have no place in American healthcare discussions.

Medical Sovereignty Legislation

A person’s body is no property of any government, employer, or State. Legislation to protect Americans from forced medical procedures (experimental or otherwise), such as “vaccine mandates” etc must be enacted.

Medicaid and Medicare to Health Debit Conversion

Allow and promote the conversions of State and Federal Medicaid and Medicare funds to HDAs (Health Debit Accounts) providing a greater choice of doctors and services for those receiving. Allow “rollover” of these funds into HSAs upon employment for anyone receiving the program. This actively promotes and encourages recipients to consider costs of services saving taxpayers money while improving access to care.

Example: It is a Sunday afternoon and a family receiving Medicaid has a child with an ear infection. As opposed to under the previous system, needing to visit an ER at a larger cost to the Medicaid fund and taxpayers, the family is able to take the child to any number of local urgent care clinics and pay “the cash patient” price (sometimes as low as only $25) from their HDA.

This has three benefits:

  • Small neighborhood clinics need not sign up for burdensome “Medicaid/Medicare” reimbursement programs to serve these patients, thereby increasing access to services.
  • Emergency Rooms around the country will be freer to handle emergent care for actual trauma and/or other public health emergencies.
  • Such a model encourages more “cash” and “low cost” clinics to open in healthcare “deserts” serving rural and inner-city communities where quality healthcare has been difficult to find.

Foreign Policy, National Defense, Veterans Issues

The United States has relied far too heavily on military presence as the foundation of our foreign policy. For nearly 20 years we have been waging active wars in the middle east which have left our country deeply in debt and our service members exhausted. Additionally, these unending entanglements have caused another great failure on our part – the lack of adequate care for our returning Veterans. Yet, our foreign policy objectives mostly fail because our leaders refuse to realize one thing: how America is perceived.

Imagine if a foreign country had a military base in Arkansas? How would you feel? How would such affect your view of that country? Furthermore, consider if a foreign nation was regularly conducting military operations in your city, sometimes resulting in the deaths of innocent loved ones. It is undeniable, that when we consider how we are perceived, we can not only improve our national defense, strengthen our foreign policy objectives, and provide the care our returning Veterans deserve, but we can do so without raising taxes or spending, all while bringing our military might where it should be… back here at home!

“A Decade To Return Act”

This legislation would set a ten-year timeline, with a “run rate” legislative review process, focused on the goal of returning service members and military assets back to US soil. Doing so is estimated to save a significant portion of our current $700+ Billion defense budget. Additionally, having service members live and work domestically means they spend their money here- supporting local business and improving local economies. Furthermore, a “US Based” defense initiative provides a higher quality of life for our service members; allowing them to live, work, and forge strong families and ties right here, right now.

A “Rewards” Based Defense Contract System

The acquisition of defense contracts, and likewise, the lobbying efforts behind them, have left our military spending a hotbed for corruption. Moving to a “reward for solution” system, as opposed to a “pay to work on it” system, could remedy a number of these ethical hazards. For instance, in the realm of “Missile Defense” nearly $100 Billion dollars was given to a number of companies that failed to supply a working solution for nearly 17 years. A more efficient use of taxpayer funds would have been to offer a $25 Billion reward for the first company to build and prove a working solution! Competition drives efficiency and innovation.

Direct Mental Health Appropriations To Veterans

It is time Veteran spending is allocated to a “results-based” focus. No one is more qualified to measure “results” than the Veteran themselves. Therefore, I would seek to create an option of funding from central power directly to Veterans Benefit Debit Accounts (VBDAs). These amounts could be spent directly by any Veteran on treatment options of their choosing. This would have three key benefits:

  • Because not all veterans require the same treatment or have access geographically to the same facilities, such would give more freedom and local autonomy over physical and psychological care.
  • Towns and cities would see an increase in low-cost mental health clinics and professionals wishing to participate in, and compete for these benefits. Because an efficient business model would be for them to match these services on both a cash or insurance basis for all citizens (not just Veterans), we would increase the availability of mental health treatments for all.
  • Because the VBDA system would be OPTIONAL, it would by competition, force the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to answer with their bottom line to their effectiveness and access to care. This will improve the VA system, its efficiency, and the quality of services offered.

Energy Independence & A Strong Power Grid

Immediately Reopen the Keystone XL and Others

An immediate re-opening of these pipelines is essential. We must create, promote, and ensure a strong national oil transportation system.

Create an open system of bidding of leasing on Federal Lands

Federal land is a misnomer. These lands belong to the people, and we the people are suffering. Promoting the safe and clean drilling for oil on these properties will increase supply and drive down energy costs.

Remove The Regulatory Hurdles To Safe Nuclear Power

Technologies such as “Molten Salt Reactors” and “Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors” offer us the promise of grid power costs nearly so low some have called it “too cheap to meter”. These safe, “disaster-proof” reactors are a viable option to provide grid power needed for the 21st-century high-tech world. For too long government policies and regulations regarding the research of these solutions have stood in the way of progress. As a result, Americans continue to have increased utility costs and live with an aging power grid that is failing more and more by the day.

Increased Affordable Housing

By reducing regulations and creating a simplified tax code that favors builders of multi-family and low-cost residential housing we can drive housing costs down.

Lower Construction Costs

By “Front Loading” depreciation costs in a simplified tax code, we can help builders realize these tax benefits immediately, thus increasing home construction and supply, driving down costs.

Tiny Houses

Removing Restrictions On Mortgages And Building Codes On “Tiny Houses”.

Multi-Family Communities

Focus on and provide incentives via deregulation and common-sense tax reforms to reward the construction of affordable multi-family communities.

Transition Spaces for Homeless

Allow bidding of corporate naming rights on public lands to fund low-cost, safe transition spaces for the homeless.

Homeless Shelters

Use a simplified corporate tax structure that promotes corporations and small businesses to invest in local shelters and health centers for our nation’s homeless population.

Ending Inflation And Supply Chain Breakdowns

The unprecedented levels of Inflation we see are the result of reckless monetary printing by our central bank, The Federal Reserve. Inflation affects all Americans but impacts the poor and working-class the most. Inflation is a “hidden tax” and as such is perhaps the most “sinister” of taxes – as it is a tax we cannot vote for or against. We can solve inflation and the supply chain breakdowns that accompany it by immediately implementing the following measures:

“Track Back To Prosperity Act”

Passing Michael’s “Track Back To Prosperity Act”, sending a clear message to world markets of a strengthening US Dollar, thus driving down commodity prices in US Dollar terms.

Increase Distribution

Reducing regulations on ports, trucking, and rail – removing any and all government hurdles on the distribution of goods and services

Promote Production

Reduce taxes and regulations on farmers and other food producers immediately through a simplified tax code.

Increase Agricultural Capital

Reduce regulations on agricultural loans and mortgages spurring further agricultural development.

Reduce Inflation

A return to sound monetary policy, beginning with a complete Audit of the Federal Reserve, and a possible end of this overreaching private institution that is the root cause of inflation.

The State of Our Republic

A Message from Michael

“In The Declaration Of Independence, in its second paragraph, you will find the line, ‘That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed’. I think therein lies the heart of the matter at hand. The powers that govern us are no longer ‘just’ and they no longer have our ‘consent’.

            Our Republic is dying on the vine at the hands of a corrupt two party system; a system that fails to hear us, represent us, or govern us effectively or compassionately. We CAN change this. But it will take courage and commitment on your part.

            You must throw off the chains of conformity, realizing and rekindling the spirit of Liberty deep inside your hearts. You must be willing to go to the polls and vote not in line with the narrative, but in line with your principles and common sense.

            You must realize that you were BORN into this world with dominion over your mind, body, labor, the fruits of it, and what would become your private property. Therefore, it is not an ALTERNATIVE that I offer you, but rather a return to the natural order from whence you came. It is the Democrats and Republicans who have been offering you an alternative – one that continues to fail us all.

            I am confident with your support in word of mouth, sharing my platform, donating either your time or finances to this campaign, we can reform this corrupt system!

            After all, if we have to start somewhere… why not here? If we have to start sometime… why not now?”

Ready to Support Michael?