About Michael

Born and raised in Louisiana, but with a heart firmly set in Arkansas, Michael discovered his love for the Natural State at a young age. It was a childhood visit to the rugged and breathtaking Ouachita National Forest, specifically the Albert Pike Campground, that left an indelible mark on him. The towering boulders, pristine waters, and star-studded skies ignited a longing within him to one day call Arkansas home.

Michael’s journey to Arkansas took a circuitous route, marked by pivotal moments of growth and opportunity. Becoming a father at the tender age of 21 spurred him to seek financial stability. He found his niche in the telecom industry, where he eventually realized the potential to chart his own path as an entrepreneur. With determination and a willingness to take risks, he founded his first wireless retail store in 2006, a venture that blossomed into a successful business spanning multiple states.

Throughout his entrepreneurial endeavors, Michael remained deeply connected to Arkansas, cherishing weekends spent exploring its natural wonders with his family. In 2020, an opportunity arose for him and his wife to make the move to Little Rock, a decision that felt like coming home. Embracing the city’s vibrant culture, warm hospitality, and central location within the state, Michael reaffirmed his enduring love for Arkansas.

As a father of two daughters and a devoted husband, Michael is acutely aware of the challenges facing his generation. From witnessing the aftermath of 9/11 to experiencing the economic fallout of the 2008 financial crisis and navigating the complexities of raising children in an era of unprecedented inflation, Michael has developed a profound belief in the power of individual liberty and community resilience.

With a deep-seated conviction that solutions emerge from the ingenuity of individuals and the strength of communities, Michael embraces the principles of Liberty as the guiding force in his vision for Arkansas. As a State Representative, he aims to champion policies that promote personal freedom, economic opportunity, true generational growth out of poverty, and limited government intervention in our daily lives.

With a steadfast commitment to serving the people of Arkansas, Michael envisions a future where every individual Arkansan has the opportunity to thrive and pursue their dreams in a state that honors the values of liberty and has utmost respect for each and every Arkansan as a unique and priceless human being.